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As a cutting-edge financial technology company, we are pushing boundaries and opening new frontiers. We constantly strive to anticipate the rapidly changing needs of today’s smart financial traders & investors, and bring out solutions with prolific brainstorming and unmatched technical expertise. We comprise a seasoned team of IT & financial experts developing new-edge trading platforms, trading algos, sentiment analysis charts and alternative trading indicators using cream-of-the-crop AI and machine learning tools.

  • Application Development Application Development

    Trading Tools

    Execute on the fastest commercially available platform. Use the industry-leading tools for trading, charting, spreading, trading algos, alternative trading indicators, sentiment analysis, intelligent sourcing & summarisation of economic news.
  • Mobile App Development Mobile App Development

    Products Offering

    Our broad skill sets enable us to develop applications that trade across Forex, Indices, Commodities, Stocks CFDs and Cryptocurrency as well. All backed by constant innovation to help keep you on top of the market.
  • Advanced Web Development Web Development

    Services We Offer

    We are a full-cycle Software Development Company delivering innovative solutions for Startups and Enterprises both with a proven track record in Product Development, Technology Consulting & IT infrastructure services.
  • Internet of Things Internet of Things


    Fintronix is an avant garde financial trading platform with the lowest latency and highly scalability so it can grow with the needs of its users and allows for high numbers of simultaneous trading connections and high transaction capacity.
  • Cloud Computing Cloud

    AI & Machine Learning

    We are living in a cognitive era where Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence is driving the next wave of digital transformation. Our AI & ML offerings help you build highly-customized solutions running on advanced machine learning algorithms to gain a competitive edge over others.
  • Digital Marketing Digital Marketing

    Blockchain Development

    Over the last few years, businesses have been disrupted in many ways, thanks to the Blockchain technology. More businesses are embracing this cutting-edge emerging technology. Maroon Bells demonstrates a stronghold in the Blockchain services.

Do you want to scale up your business?

We provide end-to-end solutions by leveraging skills, processes and technology which enables improved levels of service with a flexible, yet robust delivery model.

Fintronix a revolution in social trading

Fintronix is here to revolutionize the social trading space. Get access to hundreds of trading strategies invented by seasoned traders all across the globe. Analyze and compare them according to your risk appetite on different parameters like editor’s choice, most copied, high gainers, lower risk score etc. and copy for your auto trade to get maxmimum profit.

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  • Web
  • Manual
  • Mobile
  • Copy
  • Spread
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  • Algo.
  • Server

Value Proposition

We use smart ordering routing to find the best pools of liquidity for traders on our platform so that they can trade on the tightest spreads with high volume. Trader's will have dedicated pages where investors can check a trader's performance, chat with other investors and the trader in the same strategy. Investors can easily invest or follow the trader's they like with a few simple steps. Investors can start with a small investment and scale up as they feel more confident in the strategy. Investors can also set stop losses on the strategies being followed to minimize their downside risk.

Traders can get an additional edge in the market by using our sentiment indicators built from natural language processing and machine learning. The sentiment index is built from scanning news articles around the world. We will also have market sentiment indicators from traders on our platform. For investors, our platform will provide forecasts for a strategies expected return over set time frames using state of the art machine learning and AI techniques. This will help investors increase their potential gains while reducing their potential losses.

Data Management

Our data management capabilities let you access and integrate data from virtually any source. And data governance tracks data and model lineage, so if your data changes, you'll know which models you need to retrain.


Analytical visualization is key to data relationships, uncovering insights and understanding the outcomes from AI solutions. Visualization tools from Maroon Bells transform the way you consume and act on insights.


Effective deployment of analytical solutions speeds up rate of innovation. We help you deploy complex AI projects into production environment quickly, fast-tracking your time and reducing the risk to current operations.

Decision Support

We combines business rules with analytical models to deliver objective, repeatable actions. It helps accelerate and augment human decision making in real time to enable a better experience for your customers.

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  • 1Expertise in Trading
    Platform Development
  • 2Specialized in
    Trading Algo & Indicators
  • 3Live Forex
    Trading Platform- Fintronix
  • 4Social and
    Community Trading
  • 5Industry Specific
  • 6Flexible
    Engagement Model
  • 7Seamless
  • 8Artificial Intelligency and
    Machine Learning Tools

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